Russia-Ukraine War News LIVE: Ukraine’s Health Minister said Saturday that Russian forces have killed 198 civilians in Ukraine, three of them children.

Viktor Lyashko, Health Minister, wrote on Facebook: “Unfortunately, according to operative data, we have 198 killed, including 3 children and 1,115 wounded including 33 children.”

219 Indian students who were stranded have boarded an Air India flight to Mumbai from Romania.

After Russia invaded its pro-Western neighbor, the world should be ready for a long conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as French President Emmanuel Macron warned Saturday. Macron told France’s annual agricultural fair that he could tell you one thing this morning: “This war will last.”

Macron said, “This crisis will continue, this war will continue, and all the crises associated with it will have long-lasting consequences,” warning that “We must be ready.” Macron was unable to attend the French agricultural fair, which is a main fixture on the French political calendar. He wanted to focus his attention on the Russian invasion-related crisis.

Macron stated that “War has returned Europe, this was unilaterally chosen by President (Vladimir] Putin, with a tragedy humanitarian situation, a (Ukrainian), people resisting, and a Europe which is there and resisting on the side of the Ukrainian people.”

According to Reuters the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow has been moved to Latvia. The news was announced by a spokesperson from the Latvian foreign ministry. The building had been the scene of low-key antiwar protests in the past few days. Some Russians even left flowers.

The military reported that Ukrainian soldiers repelled a Russian attack on the capital. This was just hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky had warned that Moscow would try to seize Kyiv before dawn in a conflict that is escalating by the hour.

On Thursday, Russian leader Vladimir Putin launched a massive invasion that killed many people and forced over 50,000 people to flee Ukraine within 48 hours. It also sparked fears about a new Cold War in Europe.

According to India’s Permanent Representative, the United Nations has expressed concern at recent developments in Ukraine. He demanded that all efforts be made to end violence and hostilities immediately, but he added that no solution can be reached at the expense of human life.

Tirumurti, speaking at the UNSC meeting about Ukraine, stated that India was also concerned about the security and welfare of the Indian community in Ukraine. There are many Indian students studying in Ukraine. “Contemporary international order is built upon UN Charter, international laws and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity states. We accepted the proposal of the Russian Federation’s president. The parties are currently debating the timing and location of the negotiations during these hours. He stated that the sooner negotiations start, the greater the chance of normalcy returning.”

As expected, Russia vetoed Friday’s UN Security Council resolution. It condemned “in the strongest words” Ukraine’s “aggression against Ukraine and demanded that its troops be immediately withdrawn. The motion was supported by eleven of the 15 council members. It was also co-written and co-authored by the United States, Albania, and other countries. China, India, and the United Arab Emirates did not vote.

Because Moscow is a permanent member, the veto power meant that the resolution was doomed to failure. The debate gave members the opportunity to express their disapproval of President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch an offensive against Russia’s neighbor.

After the vote, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Ambassador to UN said: “Let me clarify.” Russia, you can veto it, but you cannot oppose our voices. You cannot veto the truth. You cannot veto principles.

To gain more support, the Security Council amended the text of the draft before it was put to a vote. To gain more support, the word “condemns”, was replaced with “deplores”; a reference to Chapter 7 in the UN Charter, which permits members to take military action to restore order, was also deleted.

More than 70 countries supported the resolution.

Russia is not isolated, it’s clear. British ambassador to UN Barbara Woodward said that Russia has no support for Ukraine’s invasion. Thomas-Greenfield said that Russia’s attack was “so bold and so brazen” that it threatened the international system as it is now.

She stated that “We have a solemn duty to not look away… At a minimum, we have an obligatory to object.” Vote yes if Russia is to be held accountable for its actions. Vote no if you don’t uphold the charter or align yourself with the aggressive, unprovoked actions of Russia.

Vassily Nebenzia (Moscow’s UN Envoy) denounced the resolution for being “anti-Russian” and “anti-Ukrainian.” He said that it was difficult for Russia to keep up with the US in terms of the number of invades they have carried out. He said that you are not in a position to moralize.

Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian Ambassador, led the council chamber into a momentary silence and asked members to “pray to peace” as he requested that members “pray for salvation.” Kyslytsya’s speech was well-received by all members.

He had earlier posed with a Ukrainian flag, European ambassadors, and Picasso’s Guernica tapestry that hangs outside the entrance of the council chamber. Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun explained that China abstained from NATO expansion and said, “Russia’s legitimate security needs should be addressed properly.”

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, stated that after the vote: “Soldiers must return to their barracks.”

He pleaded, “Leaders must turn to the path to dialogue and peace.”

Russia currently holds the rotating Security Council presidency. A vote on a similar resolution will be held before the UN General Assembly, which is made up of all 193 members countries.

Moscow doesn’t have a veto and the resolution could still be passed with a significant margin, but it would not be binding.

In 2014, the General Assembly held a similar vote condemning Russia’s seizure in Crimea. It received 100 votes of support.

Moscow had previously vetoed a Security Council Resolution condemning its actions on Crimea. It was supported by 13 countries, with China abstaining.

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