Left, ABVP students clash in JNU over eating non-veg food on Ram Navami

Clashes were reported from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) after students of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) allegedly stopped other left-leaning students from eating non-vegetarian food on Ram Navami today. ABVP students have also been accused of assaulting the mess secretary of the Kaveri Hostel on the campus.

The ABVP, on the other hand, has alleged that left-wing students had been interrupting Ram Navami prayers at the Kaveri Hostel.

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University issues notice

The university has issued a notice after the clashes, saying that there is no restriction on the consumption of non-vegetarian food in the campus mess. There is no prohibition from the university administration, it added.

“Be it Ramzan or Ram Navami… everyone can celebrate it in their way,” JNU Rector Ajay Dubey told India Today TV in an exclusive interview.

Be it Ramzan or Ram Navami… everyone can celebrate it in their way.

– JNU Rector Ajay Dubey

“Everyone follows their own religion. The mess is run by the student committee and the menu is decided by them. For the time being, action has been taken. The warden has issued a notice and it has been made clear that every person can worship according to his/her faith. There is no prohibition from the university,” he said.

Left alleges students are being denied the right to food

“ABVP goons have created a violent atmosphere in Kaveri Hostel due to their politics of hate and divisive agenda,” the JNU Student Union (JNUSU) said.

The union further alleged that ABVP students forced the mess committee to change the dinner menu and attacked the left-leaning students and those associated with the mess.

“The menu has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Students can eat the food of their choice. But the ABVP workers created a ruckus by committing hooliganism. Along with this, the employees of the mess were also beaten up. ABVP workers pressurised the mess employees not to cook non-vegetarian food,” the union claimed.

‘ABVP doing domination politics in JNU’

JNU and its hostels are the same for all students, JNUSU said in a statement, adding, “Students living here come from different parts of the country and have different culture and food preferences, which should be respected, the union said, alleging that this move by the ABVP is a reflection of their politics of domination and right-wing Hindutva policies in democratic and secular places like the JNU.”

The students union also claimed that the students of the university will not bow down to such divisive moves and will continue to fight against such incidents. “Any such divisive forces must be fought firmly and the JNU community must unitedly reiterate that there will be zero-tolerance against any such acts,” the union said.

Meanwhile, the DCP Southwest said that the situation is currently peaceful. “Both the student parties are protesting peacefully. Appropriate legal action will be taken on receipt of a complaint,” he said. However, sources said that the main gate of the campus was shut after ABVP supporters, while raising slogans, reached outside the campus to protest.

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