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As dwellers of this physical world, we believe it to be the only reality. We perceive things based on our limited knowledge and scope of vision and assume whatever inputs we receive through our five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are all there is. Yet, saints and mystics tell us there are spiritual realms beyond the physical – regions of divine beauty, consciousness and enlightenment.

We need to lay out a blueprint for how we can find our way back to God. We were given this human existence to realise our true nature and return to our Source. To reach our Home, we need to prioritise this goal and seek to make progress toward it.

Meditation is essential. During meditation, we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus on the inner spiritual worlds, filled with beauty and joy.

We should establish a daily meditation practice and build on our progress from day to day. We also need to lead an ethical life, which is a stepping stone to spirituality. When our lives are loving, compassionate, non-violent and truthful, we can focus better during our meditations. When we experience the Light of God in meditation, we awaken to the oneness of God’s creation, and this impels us to lend a helping hand to others. We strive to lead lives of service so we can help our fellow beings. With daily meditation and ethical living, we can be sure that we are gradually progressing toward attaining the purpose for which God sent us to this world.

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