US professor calls India ‘sh**hole’, rants against Brahmin women. Netizens say she has nothing new to say

A controversial US law professor has sparked outrage — yet again — for her racist comments on immigrants, this time specifically targeting Indians.

Amy Wax, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, attacked immigrants for being critical of the US. She claimed during Tucker Carlson’s show that “Blacks” and other “non-western” groups harbour “resentment, shame, and envy” against western people for their “outsized achievements and contributions.”

Wax, who is also a neurologist, then went on to attack Indian immigrants by saying that they were critical of everything in the US while “their own country is a sh**hole”. Wax criticised Asians and South Asians, particularly Indian doctors at Penn Medicine, who she said: “are on the ramparts for the antiracism initiative for dump on America.”

Penn Law professor Amy Wax tells Tucker Carlson that “Blacks” and other “non-western” groups harbor “resentment, shame, and envy” against western people for their “outsized achievements and contributions.”

— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) April 11, 2022

She also singled out Brahmin women from India. Wax said: “Here’s the problem. They (Brahmin women from India) are taught that they are better than everybody else because they are Brahmin elites and yet, on some level, their country is a sh**hole.” “They’ve realised that we’ve outgunned and outclassed them in every way… They feel anger. They feel envy. They feel shame… It creates ingratitude of the most monstrous kind,” the 69-year-old professor said on air.

Wax then attacks Indian immigrants for criticizing things in the US when “their country is a shithole” and goes on to say that “the role of envy and shame in the way that the third world regards the first world […] creates ingratitude of the most monstrous kind.”

— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) April 11, 2022

Soon, the obnoxious segment went viral on Twitter garnering over a million views. While most were annoyed, they added that her remarks don’t come as a shock as she has a history of making racist remarks.

In January, she had said the US is “better off with fewer Asians”. Penn Law School dean Theodore Ruger at the time had addressed the controversy, calling Wax’s comments “anti-intellectual” and “racist.”

According to Philadelphia Inquirer, the university declined to comment on her latest remarks, and the law school reiterated that her “views do not reflect our values or practices.”

Her remarks not only drew flak from people in India but also from her peers and colleagues. “We are America. And we’re committed to dismantling the systems that give your racist, moronic ideas a platform to spread,” Neil Makhija, another Penn Law School lecturer, wrote on Twitter.

Aseem Shukla, a paediatric urologist and professor at Penn Medicine, too joined the conversation. Tagging Penn Law, he wrote: “Some of us Indian American docs @PennMedicine do our part to make America the great healthcare system you describe. So, yeah, we have the right to criticize it too.”

Many wondered if she can be so comfortable with displaying her blatant racism on air, how much Asian or Black students who study under her must suffer.

Amy Wax is a total disgrace and embarrassment.

Today, Wax & Tucker Carlson said that Indian Americans “hate America”

News to you: we are America. And we’re committed to dismantling the systems that give your racist, moronic ideas a platform to spread.

— Neil Makhija (@NeilMakhija) April 11, 2022

Hey Amy Wax @pennlaw, some of us Indian American docs @PennMedicine do our part to make America the great healthcare system you describe. So, yeah, we have the right to criticize it too.

“Caste” “Brahmins” “3rd world” “shithole counties”…yup, in 2022!

— Aseem Shukla (@aseemrshukla) April 12, 2022

@pennlaw how is this white supremacist on faculty?! She understands nothing about India or Indian women for that matter. As an Asian American I have every right to speak up for injustice – that is my patriotic duty. To uphold American ideals. To make America better.

— Anu Sharma MD MPH (@neel_anu) April 12, 2022

Neurologist Amy Wax singles out Indian women. Says brown women are jealous of American success. I think it’s the other way around. “How dare these 1st & 2nd gen brown women be so confident to criticize the US? How dare they raise their voices? Don’t they know their place?”

— Sheenie Ambardar, MD (@DrAmbardar) April 11, 2022

This isn’t the first time she’s done this. She told The Daily Pennsylvanian that “everyone wants to go to countries ruled by white Europeans” because of their

“superior” mores. Last year she called for stricter race-based immigration restrictions against Asians.

— Bonn (@AnxietyBon) April 11, 2022

Indians have discovered Amy Wax. She’s had these views for a long time people. She has been saying these things and a lot more for a while. But chalo you can outrage today. Check her chats with Glenn Loury out.

— कुशल मेहरा (@kushal_mehra) April 12, 2022


Amy Wax is the quality of professor you employ?

Practicing lawyer here. 40 years.

At my much smaller law school were certainly professors who were less than distinguished. But I don’t recall a single one so astoundingly ignorant, inhumane, and unworthy of respect.

— Ted Barnes (@barnested1950) April 11, 2022

This is the language of a professor in @Penn @pennlaw . 👏. “Their country is a shithole”. I am trying to imagine the conditions of her students who are Asians. #StopRacism

— Velociraptor 🦖 🇮🇳 (@raptorsworld) April 12, 2022


Very condescending words by Karen however its clear as day its her insecurity talking, Indian-Americans are the best at what they do and will continue to contribute to the healthcare system along with their colleagues who believe in the idea of America.

— Ashwyn (@ashwyn06) April 12, 2022

Here is the explanation of your frustration.

— 🇮🇳 iCJ (#IndiaFightingChineseVirus) (@CJ_India) April 12, 2022

Imagine spending ~$97,000 per year to study at @pennlaw and be taught by Prof. Amy Wax

— Harry Thomas (@DrHarryThomas) April 11, 2022

Amy Wax would know on what basis the Whites in US got their “outstanding achievements” but she prefers to ignore it.

Seems that SHE feels shame and envy at Indians being top most income class. her outburst on India is outrageous and unacceptable.

— Maria Wirth (@mariawirth1) April 12, 2022

This is the most despicable piece of TV I have seen in a long time. The outright racism is straight out of the 1950s. This needs to have consequences. @PennMEHP @upenn needs to dismiss this “professor” immediately.

— Jeffrey Bruckel MD MPH (@BruckelJeffrey) April 12, 2022

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