Aventose to target India and Europe in 2022 with its safety-driven, flexible charging, high adoption, reli

The time to limit global warming is perilously short, and we need to act quickly. For years, scientists have highlighted that the climate battle will be won or lost in the next decade. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has
that to avoid climate catastrophe, global emissions must be halved by 2030 to achieve the international goal of limiting global heating to 1.5 Degrees Celsius. A United Nations-backed panel of climate scientists warned in a new
that the world may be on track to warm by more than 3 Degrees Celsius – twice the Paris Agreement target -in a change that would painfully remake societies and life on the planet.

Aventose Energy claims that its electric vehicle’s holistic solution can be adopted rapidly. Any solution to help achieve the IPCC target and be commercially viable needs to be one that can be implemented and accepted quickly. Aventose promises to make it possible through its complete solution offer, which solves major concerns regarding safety, range, charging, service, different market needs, cost, reliability, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Keeping safety as the number one priority
, Aventose’s maiden product, the
, has been tested for more than two years in the harsh climate and driving conditions without any safety event. This was made possible by implementing multiple layers of safety and using high-quality components and manufacturing processes. Additionally, IOT will be used to monitor and diagnose the vehicle status, rider behaviour, and component health to increase their life and try to prevent any event from happening. This data will enable the company to improve the vehicle and components design continuously. Processes are being designed so that the dealer service team can reach out to the customer for any preventive maintenance

Indian, European, African and APAC safety standards, varied climatic and use conditions were considered from the beginning of the design process to target these regions. Components are also selected to facilitate a faster certification process in these regions, making it possible to reach these regions in the near future with very few changes. Overall product and business model is designed to help adoption in India, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Safe charging anywhere to match petrol pump reach and presence is the key to high adoption. Multiple charging methodologies such as public charging, battery swapping, and flexibility to charge anywhere are currently in use. Aventose S110 comes with safe portable batteries and chargers which can adapt to all the modes of charging and hence do not let one specific charging methodology become the bottleneck. Aventose focuses on providing multiple charging options to solve range anxiety rather than providing large batteries. This strategy will keep Aventose electric vehicles affordable even after subsidies are withdrawn.

ET Spotlight

Vilas Tank, Founder & CEO

Aventose aims to launch two and three-wheelers in 2022 and 2023 for wider segment reach. Two and three wheelers form the majority of the Indian automobile market and hence will allow Aventose to target 86% of the market. This start-up plans to launch two scooters and one motorcycle in FY22-23 and passenger and loading three-wheelers in FY23-24. Development of 5 vehicles in a short duration and with limited resources will be made possible as Aventose, from day one, was working on developing a platform for multiple vehicles rather than working on a single vehicle.

An attractive dealership, sales and service model
has been designed for exponential adoption across cities, towns and villages. A replicable format with standardised interior design, CRM & sales, service and diagnostic softwares will make the setting of hubs across India fast and efficient. Tie-ups for financing, insurance, AMC, vehicle exchange, battery swapping/charging, and accessories will fulfil all customer needs at one stop shop and make dealerships profitable while attracting entrepreneurial dealers to expand the Aventose model.

ET Spotlight

Aventose has received a strong global response from B2C and B2B segments. As S110 meets versatile user requirements, Aventose has been generating a lot of interest from not just direct users but also dealerships, e-commerce, courier and fleet companies. S110’s rugged design has attracted tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 city dealerships. Despite all the interest, Aventose has decided not to open pre-booking because of the current supply chain delays. Due to uncertainty, Aventose has chosen to sell through their dealership model only after securing a reliable and continuous supply chain. This decision was taken to offer personalised hands-on, immediate buying experience to the customers.

Scalable modular manufacturing designed in-house will allow Aventose to start with a low CapEx model and scale and replicate in a short duration as volumes grow. The team’s past experience in international manufacturing, automation, design for manufacturability and serviceability will allow Aventose to achieve the highest quality in house and from supply partners.

A globally experienced team with technical, strategy and execution experience has allowed Aventose to develop a holistic solution for rapid expansion. As part of a holistic solution, product and infrastructure requirements were designed keeping customer, feasibility and rapid expansion in mind. The goal was to develop market, feasibility and engineering-driven products collectively rather than meeting only one of the criteria such as market or feasibility or engineering. For example, the focus was on developing a complete solution to replace petrol vehicles rather than focussing on only a few features like speed, acceleration, media etc. This was possible due to a strong team that spent a lot of time understanding the market needs through voice of customer (VOC) study. The team had global experience in market research, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, strategy, finance, sales and marketing. All the skill set has been in-house from day one, resulting in designing a product platform that ticks all the right boxes for safe and high adoption solution.

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