Odisha Man Abandons Rare ‘Intersex’ Baby

In a shocking incident, a newborn baby was abandoned by his father in Jajpur Town on Monday after his wife claimed that the baby has rare ‘intersex’ condition.

As per reports, a couple, Tapan Kumar Baral and Snehalata Baral from Haripur in Jajpur district gave birth to the baby on Monday at a private nursing home in Jajpur Town. Following the delivery, Tapan allegedly ditched the baby and left the hospital after the doctor reportedly said that the baby has ambiguous genitalia.

In medical terms, such kinds of babies are called Hermaphrodites and are born with condition that makes their external genitals difficult to mark either as male or female. This condition is extremely rare.

Snehalata, the mother of the baby told reporters, “My husband disowned our baby after the doctor said that the baby possesses both the genders and is a hermaphrodite. However, I will not part with my baby.”

“I will consult more doctors and take their advise. It would be great if the government helps me in any manner possible,” she requested.

Meanwhile, the transgender association in the district took the matter upon them and reached out to Snehalata assuring her of help in raising the child.

Kajal Nayak, the President of Jajpur Transgender Association said, “It is very sad that the father has abandoned the baby. I pray to the family members to accept the newborn and raise it with all the love and affection.”

“I would not want the baby to suffer like us. It should receive the care of its family. I will speak with the district administration and demand to provide care to the mother and the child as per the government provisions,” said Nayak.

Speaking to reporters, Jajpur Collector, Chakraborty Singh Rathore said, “There are two issues here. The first one being the misunderstanding between the couple which will be taken care of by the protection officer through counseling and the other one pertains to the baby. I have already directed the Child Welfare Committee about the matter. They will be taking care of it.”

When asked, the Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO), Biranchi Barik said, “Other than a transgender child born at a private hospital, I do not know anything till now. I will enquire it tomorrow.”

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