Here’s Why Everyone Is Raving About Josh Brolin’s New Supernatural Series ‘Outer Range’ 

Fans have been asking for their weekly dose of Lovecraftian weirdness on their TV screens for a while now. And it looks like Amazon Prime Video has answered the call. The streaming platform will be debuting Outer Range starting today, April 15, 2022.

A neo-western drama with a dash of the supernatural, set at the edge of Wyoming’s wilderness, Outer Range has got everyone talking about the show’s plot, the stellar star cast and of course, Josh Brolin. 

In case you’re still wondering if you should add it to your watch list, here are a few things you need to know that ought to ease your decision. 

Intriguing plot 

One glimpse of the trailer and the thing that captures your fancy is the plot. Part of the official synopsis describes it as “A neo-western drama centred around the Abbotts, who are dealing with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law when a mysterious black void appears in the Abbotts’ west pasture.” 

Sounds ominous, right? In an interview, Brolin described it as, “It (Outer Range) took a very simple, straight-forward genre and then it took extraordinary twists, whether it be metaphysical or whatever you want to call it.”

The return of Josh Brolin to TV after 20 years!

Image credits – Getty Images/Amazon Prime Video

Josh Brolin has had a busy couple of years now, headlining some of the biggest projects in Hollywood. The 54-year old actor had been away from television for 20 years and initially had no plans of returning, but that changed when he saw the script for Outer Range, according to Variety.

Not only is this his return to television, but the actor will also be donning his cowboy hat again. Brolin has been in some of the most memorable modern western movies throughout the years, including No Country For Old Men, Jonah Hex among others.

A Stellar Cast 

Image credits – Getty Images/Amazon Prime Video

Joining Brolin in Outer Range is an impressive list of names. This includes Lili Taylor, who we also saw in the first Conjuring movie, along with Imogen Poots from 28 weeks Later and Need for Speed and of course, Noah Reid who we saw as Patrick in Schitt’sCreek.

Also on the call sheet is Tamara Podemski (Coroner) with Tom Pelphrey (Ozark), Tamara Podemski

(Four Sheets to the Wind), Lewis Pullman (Top Gun: Maverick), Shaun Sipos (Krypton), Isabel Arraiza (The Little Things), Olive Abercrombie (The Haunting of Hill House), and our very own Will Patton (Yellowstone).

A Brad Pitt production

Image credits – Associated Press

Many of you may not know but along with Brolin, Brad Pitt will serve as the Executive Producer on the show. His company Plan B Entertainment has produced some of the best movies in the last two decades, including – The Big Short, 12 Years A Slave, Minari and more.

Promising First Reactions 

Ahead of its debut on April 15, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video, the western thriller is already creating a buzz among fans and critics alike. Here are some of the reactions – 

Just saw the first two episodes of Outer Range at its premiere… this show is gonna blow your mind!

Thanks so much for the invite @PrimeVideo

The sci-fi/western stars Josh Brolin, who is beyond cool in person as you’d expect.

— Raiders of the Lost Podcast (@RaidersLostPod) April 8, 2022

I am just now hearing about Outer Range, and that makes me question my friendships. Or Amazon’s marketing. This show looks amazing .

— osu4fan (@osu4fan) April 9, 2022

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