#HitsOfTomorrow – A Weekly Rundown of the ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Diljit Dosanjh’s collaboration with Tory Lanez to Mallrat teaming up with Azealia Banks and more.

We’re halfway through April already and the hits keep pouring in. Lizzo has the big new release this week and thankfully, it’s not a collaboration and even more thankfully, the track is just what we’d want from the acclaimed singer. While “About Damn Time” will likely explode on the charts, here are this week’s Hits Of Tomorrow that might need that extra push.

CHAUFFEUR – Diljit Dosanjh x Tory Lanez

Okay, so this song will definitely blow up in India, but unlike many hip-hop collaborations that felt forced or even juvenile, here Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh does it right. His collab with Tory Lanez works well because they both stick to their known lanes and then find a way to blend into each other without “Chauffeur” feeling manufactured. It also happens to be one of the first instances where an original track might actually cross over and not just be a one-nation/culture hit. More Indian artists should follow Dosanjh here – a collab that makes sense.

SURPRISE ME – Mallrat, Azealia Banks

As buzz builds for her debut album “Butterfly Blue”, Aussie singer-songwriter Mallrat releases her fourth single “Surprise Me” that truly comes as a surprise for us as it features none other than controversy’s child, Azealia Banks. While the talented artist is lately more often in the news for her comments and tweets than her music, it’s a shame because she elevates the single to even greater heights here. This is the kind of song that plays as well on radio as on TikTok or in the car – if a single is going to make Mallrat break through across the globe before her album drops, this is it!


Pissed-off anthems have seemingly become a revived genre of late in a post-mellow Taylor Swift world. With Olivia Rodrigo and then GAYLE both making big impressions in the past 12 months, there’s no reason Gglum shouldn’t join their ranks. Of course “Things You Said” is a bit more indie-somber but it still works and if there was ever a time on the charts for the singer-songwriter to deservedly get a Top 40 boost, this track would fit the bill. Don’t be fooled, this track is smarter than we think!

STAY – Debbie

What is it about the word “Stay” that resonates so powerfully musically that it keeps getting used time and time again? From Shakespeares’ Sister to Lisa Loeb to Rihanna, each original version has had a lasting impact and immediately takes us to a vulnerable emotion state. Debbie’s “Stay” continues in the footsteps of great singles with that title. We don’t get to hear pure soul these days on mainstream radio unless it’s a new Adele single, but programmers should give Debbie a shot as this track is likely to find a long-term home on the charts if they give it a chance.


With a new EP expected this summer, Dylan Fraser returns with his latest single, “Apartment Complex on the Eastside”, arguably one of his best to date. While lyrically dark, sonically the track juxtapositions this with an upbeat affair that is guaranteed to make you move and actually boost your mood. We’re excited about his forthcoming tour this summer across Europe and ideally this single should help push Fraser to greater heights across the globe as the track has exactly what it takes to soar at Top 40.

IN THE MIRROR – The Interrupters

The Interrupters are back with a bang! “In The Mirror” is classic No Doubt but packaged in a 2022 bottle. The single will be featured on the band’s upcoming fourth album and we’re excited to see the act break past the indie-ska image and make their mark on the Top 40 stage. Can’t wait to hear this blasting out of car speakers this summer!

On the cusp!


ANOTHER – Muni Long

GLITCHIN’ – Miles From Kinshasa


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