What led to clashes during Hanuman Jayanti rally in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri? Locals recount

Clashes erupted during a Hanuman Jayanti rally in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri on Saturday evening. Some police personnel were injured in the ensuing violence.

Police personnel guard after clashes broke out during a Hanuman Jayanti procession at Jahangirpuri in New Delhi. (Photo: PTI)

A clash broke out between two communities during a Hanuman Jayanti procession in northwest Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area on Saturday evening. According to the police, stones were pelted and some vehicles torched in the violence that occurred at around 6 pm. Some police personnel were injured in the clash.

But how did the clash begin? What led to the violence? Locals in the area recounted two possible versions.


According to some locals, the Hanuman Jayanti procession during which violence broke out started at 5.40 pm on Saturday evening.

There was a ruckus within the procession just before it reached the religious site of another community where prayers were being held, locals said. It has been alleged that the participants of the rally chanted loud slogans, played music and attempted to place a flag at the religious site. This is what led to the clash, some said, adding that similar Hanuman Jayanti rallies in the same area in the morning had gone off peacefully.

Others have denied this version of the events, saying that Hanuman Jayanti rallies were being targeted at other places as well.


As per another version of the events, clashes broke out after the religious procession was allegedly stopped on account of loud music being played.

The police received information of the clashes at 6.20 pm. By 7 pm, additional forces had reached the spot. The situation was under control within an hour’s time.


Apart from heavy stone pelting and arson, the police suspect that shots were fired during the clashes. One police personnel purportedly has gunshot wounds.

As per the locals, six rounds were fired, but there is no official confirmation of the same.

Meanwhile, the police are using drones to see if stones were stored on the rooftops of houses.


The police, who initiated their investigation on Saturday night, have taken around fifteen suspects into custody for questioning.

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