What’s Going On In Crypto – April 18-23

By Mark Hunter

12 hours agoSun Apr 17 2022 08:50:01

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What’s going on in the cryptocurrency world next week? You mean you don’t know? It’s time to find out, sonny.

XT.com to List MakerDAO’s DAI (April 20)
XT.com will list the stablecoin DAI next wednesday, opening with BTC/DAI, ETH/DAI, MKR/DAI, USDT/DAI, and TRX/DAI pairs. DAI is a very popular stablecoin in the DeFi space, with users able to generate it using the Maker protocol, a stable store of value that exists wholly on the blockchain.

DAI is a decentralized stable coin that is not issued or maintained by any centralized participant, intermediary, or counterparty that threatens to lose trust. It is non-discriminatory and is not restricted by national borders; anyone can use it anywhere. Overcollateralization is used to generate every DAI, and the collateral is escrowed in an audited and publicly available ETH smart contract.

MakerDAO has become an essential part of decentralized finance, with hundreds of coin partners and one of the most significant developer communities, and now XT.com users (both of them) will be able to trade in and out of it on the platform.

#XTexchange will list DAI @MakerDAO in the Innovation Zone underBTC/DAI, ETH/DAI, MKR/DAI, USDT/DAI, TRX/DAI trading pairs.

✅Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened

✅Trading: 09: 00 on Apr 20 (UTC)

🏆 DAI Trading Competition, $10,000 to be Won ! #DAI

Details:https://t.co/gwoKFhYknF pic.twitter.com/d5Y6OVnEIU

— XT.com Exchange (@XTexchange) April 13, 2022

BitMart to List Crypto Prophecies’ TCP token (April 20)
BitMart will list The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) token at 10:00 AM (EDT) on April 20, starting with a TCP/USDT trading pair. This interesting project is a decentralized peer-to-peer price prediction game with NFT characters and magical objects. The wager-based game sees participants go head-to-head to compete for control of the candles by predicting how each one will close.

TCP is the native token of the Crypto Prophecies platform which is used for:

Wager in all game modes
Purchasing of characters and items
Payment of the Kingdom fee
Daily prize pool for rewards
Leaderboard prizes
Access to time limited events
Platform governance and voting
Those who want to experiment with this latest in a line of crypto games can find the tokens at BitMart from Wednesday.

🥳 #BitMart will list $TCP soon. @crypto_prophets is an exciting fast-paced NFT price prediction game.

🔹Deposit is available at 10:00 AM 4/16 EDT

🔹TCP/USDT begins trading at 10:00 AM 4/18 EDT

👉 Details: https://t.co/iFWDpzFfOY pic.twitter.com/rbRwrrmg48

— BitMart.Exchange (@BitMartExchange) April 6, 2022

Devconnect.eth Conference, Amsterdam (April 18-25)
Devconnect.eth takes place this week and brings together developers, marketers, cryptographers, and interested parties for an array of independently hosted events throughout the week. The independent events, which take place in Amsterdam, will focus primarily on blockchain privacy, security, scalability, and community.

Devconnect.eth 2022 will focus on depth-first sessions rather than size to bring the Ethereum community together in smaller groups to talk, learn about, or make serious progress on specific subjects. Some of the events will be hosted by the Baseline Protocol Team, Celestia and Maven 11, Cryptocanal, OP Games, Devconnect Team, etc.

To view the week-long schedule and buy tickets, visit the official website.

Will you be in Amsterdam this April for @EFDevconnect? — We will too!

Check out the events that Mina will be at and get early access to the upcoming zkHappyHour by Mina on April 20th here.

✨ https://t.co/s3WGwbQvka pic.twitter.com/GqYeYQF647

— Mina Protocol 🪶 — Going to EFDevconnect AMS (@MinaProtocol) March 31, 2022

Cornell Blockchain Club 2nd Annual Conference (April 22)
“Web3 Going Mainstream,” Cornell Blockchain’s 2nd Annual Conference, will take place on Friday, April 22nd, in New York City at the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island. The one-day conference will examine how the crypto sector is adjusting to the rapid adoption of decentralized blockchain apps, which are set to alter how business and finance are handled.

John Wu (President of Ava Labs), Arwin Holmes (EY Global Blockchain CTO), and Joe Conyers (Head of NFTs at Crypto.com) are some of the keynote speakers.

The conference agenda will cover four main areas:

To purchase tickets, visit the ticket page here.

Tickets for the Cornell Blockchain Conference 2022: ‘Web3 Going Mainstream’ are available NOW! Join us on April 22nd for an incredible event. Link to tickets below. https://t.co/pgrjpl3BEq

— Cornell Blockchain (@CUBlockchain) April 11, 2022

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