Coming Soon: Season 3

April 18, 2022

Coaching Real Leaders returns May 2 with new coaching sessions, new career challenges, and new leadership lessons. This season, host and longtime executive coach Muriel Wilkins will tackle questions like:

How do I move from subject matter expert to business leader?
How do I hold myself and my team more accountable?
How do I navigate my entrepreneurial interests within a large established company?
Listen in on coaching sessions with real leaders from around the globe, as they work out the challenges they face at work.

MURIEL WILKINS: I’m Muriel Wilkins and season 3 of Coaching Real Leaders is just around the corner, which means you can once again join me behind the closed doors of real coaching sessions, as leaders from around the globe address the issues standing in their way. This season, we’ll hear from leaders facing challenges. Like, how do I move from being a subject matter expert to a business leader?

SPEAKER 1: It’s a gift and a curse in some ways because the career which I built in this company has propelled in some ways of home by what I have achieved in this specific area. But it’s also got to a place where it defines me as a person in terms of what I bring to the table. I genuinely kind of would think there is a lot more I could offer.

MURIEL WILKINS: How do I hold my team – and ultimately, myself – more accountable?

SPEAKER 2: I need to stop doing it all myself and bring this talented team along for the ride and actually let go. I’ve always been one who gives trust, yet my actions tell my team I think that I don’t trust them because I’m not giving them anything. If I gave them something – a plan – then I think I can hold them accountable and set clearer expectations.

MURIEL WILKINS: And how do I show I can do more than the career track I’m on?

SPEAKER 3: I could just follow that track and be here thirty years from today, doing the same kind of job, but in a different way, and I realized that that’s not what I want to do. I want more than that. I eventually want to have people who I’m working under me that I can mentor and coach, and grow into, you know, a real organization within the organization, if you will.

MURIEL WILKINS: I’m excited to share these leaders’ journeys with you when Coaching Real Leaders returns with Season 3 this May. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts, and if you’d like to dive deeper, join me in the Coaching Real Leaders Community where we’ll have live debriefs of different episodes. You can join at

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