MP: Curfew relaxed in violence-hit Khargone, man sets off on foot to tie the knot

After curfew was briefly relaxed in violence-hit Khargone, a young man set off on foot to tie the knot.

After the relaxation of curfew, the groom Aman set off on foot to tie the knot (Photo: Aaj Tak/India Today)

Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone is slowly returning to normalcy in the wake of the violence on Ram Navami, which left 24 people injured. Subsequently, curfew was imposed in the entire city.

The curfew spelt difficulties for the common man as all shops remained closed and it was tough to buy essentials items. Moreover, several upcoming nuptials were broken off as families refused to marry off their daughters in the riot-affected area.

Eventually, the administration took the call to relax the curfew every day for four hours, in intervals of two hours each. Seizing his chance during one such interval, a young man in the Sant Nagar Basti area tied the knot with his betrothed.

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The groom Aman and his family set off on foot while curfew was eased from 8 am to noon on Sunday. The young man passed on the pomp and splendour of riding a ghodi (mare) at the head of the baaraat (wedding procession), as no such ceremonies are allowed while curfew is in force.

Aman and his family members headed out of the city on foot, a distance of roughly 3 km. He then travelled to the bride’s residence in Kasrawad, which is 40 km away, by car. He will have to take the same measures while returning home with his bride after the wedding.

Violence erupted in Khargone last Sunday when a procession taken out to celebrate Ram Navami was pelted with stones. The situation rapidly spiralled out of control and several shops and vehicles were torched.

At least 24 people, including six policemen, were injured in the clashes. Nearly 100 people have been arrested so far in connection with the violence.

(Inputs by Umesh Revalia)

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