Mexican Football Club Tigres Now Accepts Bitcoin For Tickets

Mexican football club Tigres is now accepting bitcoin as payment for match tickets, the team said in a statement Wednesday.

Tigres supporters will already be able to use cryptocurrencies to purchase tickets for the club’s next match against America on April 23 through a partnership established between Latin American cryptocurrency exchange Bitso and online Mexican ticketing platform Boletomovil. Bitcoin payments company BitPay is also joining the collaboration to make the integration happen.

“Our commitment is to make cryptocurrencies useful for everyone,” said Daniel Vogel, Bitso co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “We love this agreement between Bitso and Boletomovil which will allow the day-to-day usage of cryptocurrencies for our clients in Tigres’ sports events, thus extending its usage as payment method for any type of event.”

The acceptance of Bitcoin payments marks another step in the partnership between the Mexican football team and the cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitso became a Tigres sponsor in November. At the time, the duo said they would explore new opportunities for the club as it sought to integrate more facets of the burgeoning industry onto its operations. The exchange is also a sponsor of Mexico’s national football team.

“Since we announced our alliance with Bitso, we talked about the possibility of exploring new opportunities for the club, and today is the day to continue growing together,” said Mauricio Culebro Galván, president of Tigres. “Tigres continues to look to the future and new initiatives will surely come with Bitso to continue offering greater services.”

Boletomovil is looking into extending the acceptance of bitcoin in its platform beyond Tigres matches. According to the statement, the co-founder and CEO of Boletomovil, Walter Gonzalez, said the online ticketing services provider is open to adding the alternative payment method across its platform.

“We are very happy with this alliance,” said Gonzalez. “The use of cryptocurrencies is a reality, and whoever does not see it that way is staying in the past. With this agreement between Boletomovil and Bitso, we innovate to live up to what our clients require.”

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