‘Mr Covid’ Trends On Twitter As NY Man Is Seen Making Fun Of Narendra Modi’s Picture On The Covid Vaccine Certificate 

A video of an unidentified New Yorker sharing his comments on PM Narendra Modi’s photo on a vaccine certificate is online. The original video was shared by a user named ‘Anurag Minus Verma (@confusedvichar) and has since picked up a quite a lot of steam.

In the clip, a man who we assume is a part of a Blues Club the Twitter user was attending, is seen making light jokes about the PM’s photo on the vaccination certificate. Even calling PM Modi “his favourite customer” and that PM Modi “comes here five times a night.” 

The original video, which has now since been deleted was shared with a caption, “Showed the vaccine certificate outside a Blues club in Manhattan, New York as it was mandatory. The certificate had a picture of Modi. American gentleman who was checking it was totally amazed by the Modi picture in the certificate.” 

The topic of PM Modi’s photo on the vaccine certificate has been a matter of debate for long now. In December 2021, the Kerala High Court dismissed a plea seeking the removal of Modi’s photo and slapped a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the petitioner. 

The Court stated, that the petition was frivolous and had ulterior motives, before labelling it as a “political agenda.”

As far as the video is concerned, at one point the gentleman even referred to the prime minister as “Mr Covid,” which didn’t sit well with most of Twitter. 

— | Jawad | جواد | जवाद | #MuslimLivesMatter (@jawadtweets) April 21, 2022

“Nafrat k aage desh aur PM ki izzat jye bhad mein”

This man is making fun of our PM by calling him”Mr.Covid” but these anti Modi gang is just celebrating like anything else…

Modiji se nafrat krte krte yelog itna niche gir gye ki inhe desh ki beizzati bhi dikhai nhi deti.#SICK pic.twitter.com/4VV6sURRB5

— Kúhù Sîñhā 🇮🇳🚩 (@KhSh97808468) April 21, 2022


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