Smartwatch Review: Does The Boat Primia Deliver Value At This Price?

Smartwatch or activity tracker? That’s a question many consumers used to wrestle with but not anymore. Budget smartwatches have upped their game and dropped their prices with a long list of options in the sub Rs 5,000 price band. Boat has built its reputation on its audio products but is now expanding its wearable offering. The Boat Primia is part of the brand’s play in the budget smartwatch segment. Does it have enough on offer in a price-sensitive category where consumers expect bang for their buck?

Polished design

Yes, the Boat Primia might remind you of Samsung’s Galaxy watches from a distance but we are really impressed with the design of this device. It can pass off as a fashion watch with its chunky, circular design finished in matte black. The faux leather strap adds to this vibe. We checked out the black colour option; there’s also a blue option with a silver chassis and a blue strap. There are two buttons on the right spine that you can use for navigation aside from the touchscreen. The watch feels good and light on your wrist.

Smartwatch duties

One of the best features of this device is the 1.39-inch AMOLED display (454 x 454 pixels). The colours are quite vibrant and visibility is good even under direct sunlight. Boat offers an ‘always on’ display option, and promises two days of battery life with this feature enabled; you should manage 5 to 7 days without the always-on display. The Boat Crest App is quite intuitive and helps you hook up your smartwatch with Android and Apple smartphones. The user interface is quite clean. You get a whole bunch of watch faces; you can also customise the background. The other smartwatch-like feature is Bluetooth calling that allows you to use your watch as a speaker when you’re on the go. Sound quality is decent. Other handy features include flipping through music (on your phone) and capturing images from your wrist via your smartphone. The Boat Primia does most of the things that smartwatches do at this price point.

Wellness appeal

This is another area where the Boat Primia matches most if its similar-priced rivals with standard features. There’s SpO2 tracking that keeps a tab on your blood oxygen levels and also a Stress Level tracker aside from standard tracking tools like calories and steps. We found the sleep tracking fairly accurate. You also have a choice of workouts that you can track with the Primia. The IP67 rating means this watch is ready for those runs through a light drizzle.

The Primia is everything you expect from a budget smartwatch and ticks the key boxes. The key differentiators here are the Crest App that is quite user friendly, and the overall fit and finish that make the Primia a good- looking wellness and fashion accessory.

The Boat Primia costs Rs 4,499 and comes in Black and Blue.

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