Exclusive Premiere: Raipur/Chennai Duo The Fortune and Vandita Narayan Want ‘Someone Else Than You’ on New Chill-Pop Song

Composer Dhananj Shivganesh and producer Nikhil Pradip round off their debut EP with the title track featuring the Bengaluru-based artist

Anurag Tagat
Jun 16, 2022

Composer-producer duo The Fortune collaborate with Vandita Narayan on their new song “Someone Else Than You.” Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Pop duo The Fortune have announced the release of their debut EP Someone Else Than You with the launch of the title track, a groovy, easygoing tune featuring Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Vandita Narayan.

The artists tap into the sense of changing perspectives and growing out of old situations, taking a breezy, conversational tone with their melodies and chill-pop production. Talking about the fourth and final track from the EP from Raipur-based composer (and doctor) Dhananj Shivganesh and Chennai-based producer Nikhil Pradip, The Fortune say they heard Narayan’s 2021 single “Walking Piece of Art” and were keen to work with the unique voice. Narayan, on her part, says she was following The Fortune as well for a while. “When they hit me up, there was no second thought or opinion to decide – I knew right away,” she adds.

Working remotely and exchanging ideas, Narayan says she always looks out to accommodate ideas but keep her artistic style intact for collaborations. With “Someone Else Than You,” the singer mentions that she’d originally sung in a much more cheery and upbeat way. “This didn’t suit the style though. I had to communicate with them to understand how to produce the vocals. That’s how I could sing it in a laidback manner,” she adds. Pradip says that Narayan gave the song “a complex yet laidback appeal with her singing,” in a way that matched their intent with the song.

The track caps off the EP, which includes songs like “The End of Us” featuring Dutch artist Pyralid, an acoustic version of “Lost” featuring Aronjoy Das and lyrics by New Delhi artist The Earflower Experiment aka Astaaq Ahmed, plus “Roll It Back,” sung by U.K.-based singer Keerthana Menon and New Delhi guitarist-producer Zen Clef. Shivganesh says about the themes for the EP, “Rather than sticking to a bunch of songs in the same genre, we are trying to present the story of a young couple who were not exactly right for each other. The vibe of each song is different, and that’s also how a breakup is, in real life. You go through multiple phases before you get closure.”

In the planning stages since 2021, Pradip adds that they were waiting for the “perfect title track to set the tone.” He says, “The title of the EP can also be explained as the journey of moving on, to be with someone else [other] than you.”

Watch the lyric video for “Someone Else Than You.” The song is out on streaming platforms on June 17th.

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