Enhypen are the New Voices for the Youth in ‘Future Perfect (Pass The MIC)’

K-pop’s latest sensation Enhypen have broken free from social norms as they reiterate that strength lies in unity in their latest release “Future Perfect (Pass The Mic).” The single leads the septet’s latest EP Manifesto: Day 1 and comes roughly a week after their label, Belift Lab, announced the group’s plan to embark on a world tour later this year. 

Co-written and produced by Hitman Bang and Wonderkid alongside Jacob Aaron, Supreme Boi and The Hub 88, “Future Perfect (Pass The Mic)” re-enforces the septet’s persona as the next generational leaders. Characterized as a Chicago drill genre, the single comes packed with powerful bass-synth sounds and trap beats, dialing up the intensity of the forthright lyrics. In the past, Enhypen have delivered soaring pop and dance anthems, making this genre shift a delightful addition in the group’s impressive, growing discography. 

Through this track, Enhypen drive an important point home – unity is strength. The single opens with an epiphany where the protagonists realize they detest following the norm: “Walk the line (ayy)/ I hate that line (ayy)/ I realized (ayy).” Passionate to forge their path and identity, the group invites a diverse set of voices to come together to build a better future: “Bring out my real voice/ And draw our futurе/ Shout out together/ That moment, that momеnt in our future perfect.” With the repetition of the line “I’ll pass the mic, pass the mic, pass the mic, oh-oh-oh,” Enhypen exhibit their commitment to using their platform and power to uplift as many voices and concerns. This notion is further brought out in the subsequent lyrics, “Put your weight on me (oh-oh-oh)/ ‘Cause we are rule-breaker (oh-oh-oh).” 

True to their vampire/supernatural concept, Enhypen visually convey the essence of the track with a classic dark twist. While the first half of the music video shows the group executing powerful hip-hop-choreographed routines in an airstrip, the second half sees the septet employ their supernatural abilities to defeat evil. As seen in the video, the Enhypen members – all dressed in school uniforms – come face to face with five hooded demons in a school gymnasium. Determined to take them down, the group uses their supernatural abilities such as incredible strength and time manipulation to emerge victorious. 

The six-track EP contains additional songs titled “Walk The Line,” “ParadoXXX Invasion,” “TFW (That Feeling When),” “Shout Out” and “Foreshadow.” On June 29th, Belift Lab announced that Enhypen will be going on their first world tour since their November 2020 debut. “This coming mid-September, Enhypen plan to hold a world tour, starting with a concert in Korea, followed by stops in Japan, the United States, and more,” the label said. Earlier this year, the group released the repackaged album titled Dimension: Answer. The record became Enhypen’s first album to chart on the Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks, and also landed them two wins on domestic music shows.

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