Watch ATEEZ Lead a Revolution in ‘Guerrilla’

The powerful new single leads the South Korean band’s latest EP ‘The World EP.1: Movement’

ATEEZ’s “Guerrilla” protests against conformation and pushes forth the importance of self-expression and identity.

South Korean group ATEEZ have dropped their brand-new EP The World EP.1: Movement, led by the single “Guerrilla.” The anthemic track is also accompanied by a music video and was initially introduced to audiences via a performance preview on July 19th. 

Written by rappers Hongjoong and Mingi along with ATEEZ’s frequent collaborators, Eden, Ollounder, Leez and HLB, “Guerrilla” is a call to action and a refusal to be silenced. The track protests against conformation and pushes forth the importance of self-expression and identity. “Dance, break that wall, with our feel/ Spread it out, guerrilla/ This is how we shout, loudly, keep it loud/ Until еveryone opens thеir eyes/ Dance, break that wall, with our feel/ Spread it out, guerrilla/ This is how we fight, now we’re gonna ride/ Wake up the world.” The octet declare they are a guerrilla movement, determined to break out of the molds society forces them into and lead the youth to a new tomorrow. Produced by Eden, Ollounder and Leez, “Guerrilla” propagates the song’s message with blends of nu-metal, alternative rock and hip-hop. 

The cinematic music video follows a complex storyline with ATEEZ as the rebel force in a dystopian world where music, art and individuality appear to be banned. Perfection and conformity are pushed upon the youth and freedom of choice and expression do not exist. ATEEZ infiltrate the forces in control to break apart the system from within and spread a message of hope and anarchy, encouraging citizens to fight against the oppressive government. The plot in the music video was further expanded upon in two trailers that dropped before the release of The World EP.1: Movement, and the clips are all brimming with Easter eggs, symbolism, links to past music videos by the band and references to historic artwork; in fact, one still from the “Guerrilla” music video is strongly reminiscent of French artist Eugène Delacroix’s 1830 painting, Liberty Leading The People. The video also features shots of ATEEZ performing their signature power-packed style of choreography. 

The World EP.1: Movement comprises a total of seven tracks – “Guerrilla,” “Propaganda,” “Sector 1,” “Cyberpunk,” “The Ring,” “WDIG (Where Do I Go)” and “New World.” The EP cruises through various genres including Eighties-influenced synth pop, alternative rock, hip-hop and orchestral instrumentals. ATEEZ broke their own record for most album sales as pre-orders for The World EP.1: Movement cruised past 1.1 million copies on July 24th, exceeding the 810,000 pre-orders for their 2021 record Zero: Fever Part.3. Earlier this year, ATEEZ completed their world tour, ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End,’ with dates in South Korea, the U.S. and Europe. 

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