Bullet Train Movie Review: Buckle up! Brad Pitt leads the pack on this crazy ride

Imagine that you need to jump on a train to finish a task, and that life-changing decision takes you on a new journey. This is what happens when deadly assassin Ladybug (Brad Pitt) boards a Japanese bullet train to finish a job that was assigned to him. He has been asked to pick up a briefcase and disembark at the next station. But, this simple task puts him in line with some interesting odd-ball characters where each one is on a different mission. Bullet Train is a sexy, stylish mad-caper action film that works because of its ability to put together a cast that boasts names such as Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Joey King, Michael Shannon, Brian Tyree Henry and Sandra Bullock. Throw in a bunch of fun cameos by rapper Bad Bunny, and Hollywood A-listers – Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling, and you have a mad cocktail that is bound to give you a head rush.

Director David Leitch set out to make an action film but he seems more invested in exploring the comic tracks of his characters. So, when LadyBug meets the other members on the train, it opens new avenues. His opening conversation with the duo – Lemon and Tangerine (Aaron and Brian) – is one of the major highlights of the film. Leitch also uses Japanese pop culture references like an ode to the anime films, the concept of living in a capsule (the entire film is shot on a train set), the electric background score, the loud costumes and the neon imprinted set decor. All these elements make the film look like it’s meant to scream ‘FUN’!

Think of watching a music video shot at high speed with the biggest musicians in the world. Fascinating, isn’t it? Bullet Train has a similar look and feel to it. Given the breakneck speed of the plot and the way it jumps all over the place, you end up feeling that Leitch is somewhat in a mad rush to show you his cards. While putting together this cast is a genius idea, your eyes, most of the time, are fixated on the film’s prime attraction – Brad Pitt. His stardom notwithstanding, Pitt seems to have a ball of a time in most of the scenes playing Ladybug. Despite the complexity of the action scenes (all shot in this claustrophobic capsule), the actor manages to free himself from the clutches of the tags that precede his name. Brad is truly a major reason why Bullet Train, despite its somewhat sluggish journey, manages to be an entertaining ride.

Here’s the trailer of Bullet Ride:

Speaking about the supporting cast, the duo, Brian and Aaron, have the best lines in the film. They feed off of each other’s energies and their comic timing is impeccable. Joey King looks like a helpless kid on the train, but her character pulls off the biggest surprise. Watching Pitt and Tatum in the same scene is a definite treat. I only wished we had more screen time with Sandra Bullock, whose presence is restricted to a voice over the phone for most parts.

Bullet Train plays an ode to the 90’s action films and the way it’s shot will also remind you of Tarantino’s cult classic, Kill Bill. The jokes are sometimes flat, but the pace with which the characters make their U-turns keeps you guessing and compensates for the lack of better writing. Bullet Train is a fun ride, one definitely worth embarking on. Don’t forget to wear a seat belt though, because you don’t know what’s coming for you!

3.5 stars out of 5 for Bullet Train.

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