Joker 2: Release Date, Production Details, And Everything You Need To Know About Joaquin Phoenix’s Most-Anticipated Film So Far!

Three years after Joaquin Phoenix delivered a stellar performance in Joker, the actor has yet again joined forces with the Oscar-nominated director, Todd Phillips, for its much-anticipated sequel. Phillips announced the news via an Instagram post back in June. He will once again team up with co-writer Scott Silver for the film. New details have surfaced ever since the announcement, including its release date and everything in between.

So let’s find out what we know about the film so far.  


Joker 2 is coming out on October 4, 2024. Production is expected to begin in December later this year. The original movie took about two years to complete. The script-writing took place in 2017, and the movie premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival in 2019.  

Joker 2 releases October 4th 2024, will star Joaquin Phoenix as Joker and Lady GaGa as Harley Quinn. Will largely be based in Arkham Asylum.

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The film is titled Joker: Folie à Deux. First conceptualized in the 19th century by Charles Lasègue and Jules Falret, Folie à Deux is referred to as a psychological condition of shared delusional disorder or SDD. It manifests in the form of delusions and sometimes even hallucinations that transmit between a pair of people. 


Joker 2 is said to be a musical. The plot will be inspired by DC Comics’Batman: Harley Quinn. The iconic 1999 comic explores how at Arkham Asylum, a young, bright psychologist named Harleen Quinzel begins to work with the Joker, before developing a crazed romantic interest in the villain. 


Apart from Joaquin Phoenix, we might see a return from Dante Pereira-Olson’s Bruce Wayne. In Joker, his parents are gunned down by Joker-inspired protestors towards the end. Joker’s former co-worker, Gary (Leigh Gill) might also return. He was spared by Phoenix’s character after he witnessed the murder of their friend Carl because he’d “always been good” to Joker. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the folks at Warner Bros. are in talks with Lady Gaga to play Harley Quinn

Knowing that Joker bagged 11 Oscar nominations and took home the awards for Best Actor and Best Original Score, the expectation from the sequel is pretty high. We cannot wait to see the story unfold.  

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