Beyoncé Has Her Beyhive Buzzing After Dropping Surprise ‘I’m That Girl’ Teaser

Is it a teaser for the entire visual album? A new music video? We’re not sure. But thanks anyway, Bey

The Renaissance visuals are coming — for real, for real. After dropping her LP with only a few stills to give fans the chance to “be limitless in their expansive listening journey,” Beyoncé is ready to give her Beyhive the colorful glam, looks, and visual art that they’ve come to expect from their Queen Bey.

On Friday, Beyoncé released what she titled ” I’M THAT GIRL (Official Teaser)” — a teaser for what will be either the long-form visual to accompany the album or a music video for “I’m That Girl.” Or, perhaps the visual for Renaissance is called “I’m That Girl?” We’re not exactly sure, but we’re grateful for what we’re getting. (Thanks Beyoncé.)

The clip, which features the album’s first track in its entirety, sees Beyoncé in a metallic one-piece cracking an egg, posing inside a closet, and sitting on a bed before opening a door into the world of Renaissance.

The video then flashes several looks — among them, Bey in a bob, a look with bangs, one with green hair, and another with her hair and face drenched in silver — before she starts to sing the track’s lyrics.

She also appears to tap into the equestrian elements of the album’s cover art by singing and dancing on top of a bar and beside a horse. Halfway into the video, the images are cut out, and only the audio of “I’m That Girl” remains. (She’s really serving the tease in teaser with that.)

Dominican producer Kelman Duran previously spoke to Rolling Stone about bringing the LP’s first track to life. “I was just tripping out that it was her voice, so I couldn’t really listen to the song,” he said about the experience. “I was just like, ‘How did this happen?’”

“I guess it meant something to Dominicans,” he later added. “I think it was just really exciting for a lot of people.”

Beyoncé released her album Renaissance at the end of July, featuring songs like “Alien Superstar,” lead single “Break My Soul,” “Thique” and “Move” with Grace Jones and Tems.

The new visual comes after she released the “Queens Remix” of “Break My Soul,” which features Madonna and her song “Vogue.”

From Rolling Stone US.

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