Will dust from Noida twin towers demolition add to Delhi’s pollution level?

Ahead of the Noida twin towers demolition, the main concern is how far will the dust particles reach after the demolition and will it affect Delhi’s pollution level? Read on to find out more

The twin towers in Noida will be demolished on August 28. (File photo)


  • After twin towers demolition, the main concern will be suspension of dust particles
  • As per the forecast, the dust particles from demolition will not reach Delhi
  • The twin towers in Noida will be demolished on August 28

As the illegal twin towers in Noida are set to be demolished on August 28, the biggest issue to be faced by the nearby residents is the dust suspension.

Notably, the demolition will be done with a controlled explosion. However, there are major concerns regarding the environmental impact even a controlled explosion would have on the nearby areas.

The question on everyone’s mind is how far will the dust particles reach after the demolition. Will it affect Delhi’s pollution level too?

The answer is no. The possibility of its harmful effect in Delhi is almost negligible. Some people might think if the Noida Expressway is just a few kilometers away from the national capital, then how can it not affect Delhi’s air? The explanation lies in the weather patterns.


As per the forecast, the weather is likely to remain dry in Delhi and adjoining areas and even in Noida. Rainfall is not expected during this period. Such dry weather generally makes up for favourable conditions for the spread of dust. However, the opposite direction of the wind is said to be the main reason behind the dust particles not reaching Delhi.

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Mahesh Palawat, Vice-President of Skymet, a private weather forecasting agency, said, “On August 28, the wind will likely blow from the northwest direction, i.e. the air will move the dust particles towards the western parts of Uttar Pradesh instead of Delhi.”

Experts say that the wind speed is likely to remain around 25 km per hour along with dry weather conditions on the day, which will push the dust towards the east.


Initial predictions suggest that the dust particles would move towards Mathura and Agra. However, on August 29, rainfall is expected in these areas which is likely to settle the dust particles in the air and bring down the pollution level.

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