2 Nihang Sikhs kill man for chewing tobacco near Amritsar’s Golden Temple

A man was allegedly stabbed by two Nihang Sikh men with a sword swornear Amritsar’s Golden Temple.

2 Nihang Sikh men killed a youth for chewing tobacco near Amritsar’s Golden Temple. (Screengrab)

A young individual was allegedly murdered by two Nihang Sikhs men in Amritsar. The crime was committed in a market area near Harmandir Sahib on Wednesday and the visuals of the incident have been captured by cameras installed in the vicinity.

Sources said that an individual was passing down the road when two Nihang Sikhs attacked him with their swords. As per the murdered victim’s family, the individual was crossing the road near Jallianwala Bagh when both men attacked him and fled from the crime scene. They said that the person was murdered after they allegedly stabbed a sword in his chest and left him bleeding in the market area for over a night.

The offence was caught on nearby CCTV.

The deceased has been identified as Harmanjeet Singh and a complaint was filed with Amritsar Police. In a press conference held by Commissioner of Police Arun Pal Singh, the official stated that the incident occurred near Shri Harmandir Sahib, where a person was killed on behalf of two Nihang Sikhs.

A person who was killed by the Nihang Singh has gone viral on #SocialMedia. In reaction, @cpamritsar identified the individuals, one accused has been arrested, and raids are being carried out to apprehend the remaining suspects. #ActionAgainstCrime pic.twitter.com/QfPP8wu58m

— Commissioner of Police Amritsar (@cpamritsar) September 8, 2022

The police said that a preliminary probe revealed that the person who was killed was drinking alcohol and started eating the intoxicating substance in his hand. He was stopped from consuming substances by Nihang Sikh men but the matter escalated and the men got involved in a quarrel. Another person, Ramandeep Singh, had joined the fight and he was held and arrested.

Amritsar Police further said that the remaining accused in the crime have been identified and would be nabbed at the earliest. Mishra said that the act was shameful as the brutal act was carried out before six to seven people who were present on the spot. He stated that none of the pedestrians or people at the crime scene dialled the police station or informed the police about the incident.

Harmanjeet Singh’s body lay on the ground through the night and it was only recovered in the morning, the police said. The Amritsar Police Commissioner noted that even the public has certain duties towards society, as a human being. He urged the public to inform the nearest police station or dial up an ambulance at 112 if such an incident came to the fore.

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