6 Mind-bending moments in Suzhal: The Vortex

Amazon Prime Video’s original web series ‘Suzhal: The Vortex’ has started streaming from June 17th with high critical acclaim in 30 languages and 240 territories exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The critically acclaimed series written and produced by Pushkar – Gayathri is directed by Brahma and Anucharan M The eight episodes are filled with mind bending moments and here we have listed six of them:

1. Firstly, when the fifteen year old girl Nila goes missing it is perceived as her spur of the moment decision to rebel against her dad played by Parthiban’s overbearing or the factory owners taking revenge. However, when the cop Sakkarai (Kathir) after hours of CCTV footage scanning finds that she is kidnapped, the screenplay changes track to an unexpected angle.

2. Secondly, the character of the cop Regina’s teenage son Aseervatham is registered as shady and everything points to him as the evil person behind Nila’s woes. It is shocking when who he really is to the girl comes to light and the shift in his character is something no one will see coming.

3. One thing that keeps the mind in a frenzy all the time is what the connection is between the missing girl and the fire that breaks out in the factory.

4. The clever writing throws the suspicion on almost every principal character and in the end all guesses turn out to be off the mark.

5. As the investigation progresses the secrets of the small town come out in the open and there is a shock to every surprise that is thrown at the viewer.

6. The stunning cinematography that captures the aerial view of the sinister burnt down factory gets up close and front at the hysteric men and women who seem to be possessed by the deities themselves adding to the intrigue. Similarly the background score never fails to amplify the thrilling moments and when it goes silent in other suspenseful events in the story.

As mentioned earlier, these are just samples of the mind bending moments in ‘Suzhal The Vortex’ that will suck you into its world of deception and intrigue to address a disturbing but very present evil that resides in almost every family.

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