MotoGP Headed To India In 2024?

In a rather unexpected turn of events, MotoGP might be headed to India. No, this isn’t an out of date April fools joke. The biggest two-wheeled competition in the world, along with Motot2, Moto3 and even MotoE might be headed for Indian shores by 2024.

Reports of MotoGP going to India in 2023. It absolutely should be a medium-term target for the championship, but I’d be stunned if it happens as soon as next year.

— Simon Patterson (@denkmit) September 16, 2022

The news comes from a News 18 exclusive, which claims to have sources on the inside. The same publication also claims that the announcement will be made by Carmelo Ezpeleta, Chief Executive Officer, Dorna in a week’s time and that the feasibility of a MotoE race will depend on the racetrack being readied in time.

What particularly piqued our interest though is the fact that here’s also a second bit of confirmation which comes from a highly respected and credible source. British journalist, Mat Oxley, seems to have given the news his seal of approval, citing an insider source.

MotoGP finally going to India next year, at the Buddh circuit, outside Delhi. Quite right too – India has around 37 million motorcycles & mopeds on the road, the largest number in the world. 37 million! 🇮🇳🇮🇳

— Mat Oxley (@matoxley) September 16, 2022

As far as the venue is concerned, everyone’s best bet seems to be the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh – the same racetrack which hosted Formula One back in 2012. While we wait for an official update, here’s how the Indian twitter seems to have reacted to the news.

That was a decade ago issue, when motorsports wasn’t considered as sport, now lets hope government support them

— ganesh (@Ganeshsportsfan) September 16, 2022

I remember when F1 tried to go there. Dust, no grip, tax were hot topic.

— James A. (@Metalazzo) September 16, 2022

Buddh is under-used. It’s a good circuit, at least for cars, not sure about bikes. Hopefully they’ve sorted the peculiar financial issues that lost them a spot on the F1 calendar all those years ago. Kyalami next please.

— TD #JFT97 (@tdwbi95) September 16, 2022

Wow, so they really are implementing the rotation of the Spanish tracks with all these new GP’s coming around.

— MotoFan (@RoMotoFan) September 16, 2022

And the value of the card and equipment put into escrow?

— Simon Patterson (@denkmit) September 16, 2022

Is this the start of the Enfield Bullet series?

— Timothy Holmes (🇵🇹 🇮🇪) (@TimothyHolmes) September 16, 2022

Assume one of the Spanish rounds would be axed rather than simply adding another to an already congested calendar?

— BrendanA (@Toomai2) September 16, 2022

Been to india, toured india, love the place, but….very poor place, I really hope that DORNA et al sort out correct prices, this is a very poor country.

— Paul R Lawrence (@P5Paul) September 16, 2022

#AdilsAutoZone Finally I say big time motorcycle sport is coming to India! The BIC will host the Indian Grand Prix as a round of the 2023 World MotoGP Championship! This can only be great news for me personally for this is what we aimed & worked for since the late 1970s!

— ADIL JAL DARUKHANAWALA (@adiljal) September 16, 2022

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