Hindu temple targeted in UK’s Leicester, India seeks action | What we know so far

The Indian High Commission in London has strongly protested against the violence and condemned the vandalising of a Hindu temple in UK’s Leicester. In a statement, the Commission said it has sought immediate action against those involved in these attacks.

The strong response came after a Hindu temple was vandalised and a saffron flag outside it was pulled down by unidentified persons in East Leicester. A video of the incident showed a man, clothed in black, atop a building, pulling down a saffron flag while onlookers cheered him on. The temple was targeted in the presence of the UK Police.

What appears to be a Hindu temple being targeted in Leicester as running street battles continue into the early hours.#Leicester pic.twitter.com/C2EfQXJNfz

— Paul B (@pauldbowen) September 18, 2022

Here’s what we know so far.

1) The incidents of violence follow various videos and reports about clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups in Leicester, following an India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match played in Dubai on August 28.

2) Soon after, reports emerged that a Hindu temple was vandalised by unidentified men clothed in black, triggering violence in the UK city. On September 18, the Leicestershire Police issued a statement on the “serious disorder” and said more officers would be deployed to maintain law and order.

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3) The police said that several incidents of violence and damage were reported and a probe is underway. Soon after, one person was arrested for conspiring to commit violence, and another was arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article.

4) On Monday, the Indian High Commission issued a statement condemning the violence against the Indian community and vandalisation of Hindu religious symbols.

“We have strongly taken up this matter with the UK authorities and have sought immediate action against those involved in these attacks. We call on the authorities to provide protection to the affected people,” the Commission said in the statement on Monday.

Press Release: High Commission of India, London condemns the violence in Leicester. @MIB_India pic.twitter.com/acrW3kHsTl

— India in the UK (@HCI_London) September 19, 2022

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5) As many as 47 people have so far been arrested for involvement in the violence, according to the Leicestershire Police. The cops are also probing the incident where a flag outside a religious place on Melton Road was pulled down. According to reports, Hindu homes and vehicles were allegedly targeted by local radical Islamists on the streets of Leicester.

The impact of the disorder on our communities is not acceptable. Thank you to all who are working to reduce tensions. We will not tolerate violence or disorder in our city. pic.twitter.com/Vsshw1xJF3

— Leicestershire Police (@leicspolice) September 19, 2022

A further update on our response to the disorder in areas of East Leicester.

A total of 47 arrests have been made so far.

If you have heard anything or have any more information you can submit this via our report link at https://t.co/i1pIZT74rW pic.twitter.com/RMIeKIzRrZ

— Leicestershire Police (@leicspolice) September 19, 2022

“The impact of the disorder on our communities is not acceptable. Thank you to all who are working to reduce tensions. We will not tolerate violence or disorder in our city,” the city police had said in a statement.

6) Meanwhile, the police have denied claims that Muslim-owned properties were vandalised by a group who chanted “Jai Shri Ram” slogans.

7) Dishita Solanki, an eyewitness to the attack on a Hindu temple in the UK city, told India Today TV that Leicester is a scary place to be at the moment.

“There are other cities that are being targeted, like Nottingham and Birmingham. I have relatives staying in a lot of cities. I have had messages from all of them saying that there are spots in other cities as well. So, scared is a bit of an understatement. If your house was under attack and somebody was going to knock your door down and people were walking around on the streets, shouting Allah-hu-Akbar, you would be petrified. Anybody would be petrified,” Solanki said, adding that media coverage of the incident has been unfair.

Fact #Leicester

1.Hindu temple targeted

2.Rumour of mosque targeting spread (,@leicspolice deny it)

3.Hindu homes, vehicles targeted.

4.False equivalence peddled by a certain ecosystem about both equally responsible.

5. A certain ecosystem tries to blame RSS & leadership in India https://t.co/xVkFwql95x

— GAURAV C SAWANT (@gauravcsawant) September 20, 2022

8) According to Leicestershire Police, patrols continued throughout the evening in East Leicester with no new reports of violence. The situation is calm, the police said.

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