Killing Mexicans on Same Day Twice, Shaking World on This Date Every Month: Beware of ‘Deadly’ 19th

Last Updated: September 20, 2022, 09:51 IST

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In 2017, on the same day, an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck just hours after the traditional drill.

The Monday’s tremor in Mexico was the third major earthquake on record to hit the Latin American country on the day of September 19

A powerful earthquake rocked western Mexico, leaving at least one dead and sparking panic in Mexico City on Monday (September 19). The quake of magnitude 7.7 shook buildings and sent people rushing out into the streets of the capital.

Though the earthquake isn’t the first to shake the country, but the coincidence associated with the date of tremors made people recall a severe tremor the country witnessed five years. The Monday’s tremor was the third major earthquake on record to hit the Latin American country on the day of September 19. The day was the anniversary of tremors that killed thousands in 1985 and hundreds in 2017.

But the timing of Monday’s earthquake was no more than a coincidence, the national seismological agency said. “There is no scientific reason to explain it,” it added, leaving some residents searching for other answers.

“It’s a very big coincidence! I’m not ruling out that it could be a sign from God,” said Federico Garcia, 57. Mexico City’s earthquake alarms rang out less than an hour after the capital held emergency drills as part of events to mark the disasters of 1985 and 2017.

Hundreds Die in Sept 2017

In 2017, on the same day, an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck just hours after the traditional drill, during which the entire city practices evacuating schools, homes and offices. The quake, with the epicenter in the state of Puebla, resulted in the collapse of dozens of buildings and killed 370 people.

Devastating Earthquake in 1985

The year 1985 is the year of the devastating earthquake that occurred on September 19, off the coast of the Mexican state of Michoacán, causing widespread death and injuries.

10,000 people lost their lives, 30,000 were injured and thousands more were left homeless. It was a severe earthquake of 8.1-magnitude which demolished 3,000 buildings in Mexico City and another 100,000 suffered serious damage.

However, September 19 isn’t just an unfateful day for Mexico, but the 19th day of every month this year has proved disastrous on the Richter scale across the globe.

Earthquake strikes south of Tonga

On March 19, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck 455.5 kilometres south-southwest of Ohonua, Tonga. The earthquake was at a depth of 10.0 km (6.21 miles), the USGS said, adding that no tsunami warning was issued.

Earthquakes strike Philippines and Japan

Earlier this year in April too, an earthquake measured at magnitude 6.0 struck Mindanao island in the Philippines on Tuesday (April 19). The earthquake was recorded at a depth of 10 kilometers (6.21 miles), according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

Earthquake strikes Macquarie Island region

In May 19 this year, an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 struck the Macquarie Island region in the southern Pacific Ocean. The quake, which was revised from an initial magnitude of 7.3, had a depth of 10 km.

The US Tsunami Warning System said there was no tsunami warning after the quake. Macquarie Island is located 1,600km southeast of Tasmania, about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica.

5.2 Earthquake jolts Japan

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 struck Ishikawa, on the Sea of Japan coast, on June 19. The quake occurred at a depth of around 10 kilometers, but there was no sign of tsunami.

Two earthquakes in US

Two earthquakes were reported in the Midlands area of the United States. The first earthquake was reported at 12:06 pm in an area centered 3.2 miles northeast of Elgin near Watts Hill Road.

Six minutes later at 12:12 pm, a 2.11 magnitude earthquake was recorded 3.7 miles east-southeast of Elgin near Fort Jackson Road.

August 19 earthquake in Uttar Pradesh

Tremors of an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 on the Richter scale were felt near Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow in the wee hours on Friday (August 19). The earthquake was felt about 139 kms north-northeast of Lucknow and the depth was 82 km below the ground.

Another earthquake of magnitude 3.1 shook Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district on August 19. The quake’s epicentre was at a depth of 5 km in the Kinnaur district and the tremors were felt in and around the district at 12.02 pm.

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