Post Malone Cancels Live Performance After Mighty On-Stage Accident

The recent past witnessed The Weeknd having had to stop his concert after he(almost) lost his voice. Lady Gaga also met with similar luck and had to bring a recent live gig to an abrupt halt, when a thunderstorm struck rather unexpectedly. Perhaps, it’s Post Malone’s turn now. The acclaimed rapper’s recent concert ended on an unfortunate note after he fell on stage and injured himself mid-performance.

Reliable sources suggest that the 27-year-old artiste was walking down a ramp when he accidentally lost balance and fell. He apparently stepped into a hole, which was originally created to hold his guitar. The lack of adequate coverage led to the mishap, and Malone succumbed to some major facial injuries, followed by the cracking of 3 of his ribs.

The fall was dramatic. Malone screamed in pain after he fell to the ground. Medics and security guards rushed onto the stage, and an eerie silence followed as he was rushed out of the scene. The singer later posted a video update that read: “Everything’s good. They (medic) gave me some pain meds and everything, so we can keep kicking a** on the tour.” He further apologized to his fans and promised to return to St Louis to do a two-hour show. “Thank you guys for your support and thank you for your love. And thanks for hanging around even though I got my a-kicked by myself,” he added.

The video of his mighty fall went viral in no time. People took to Twitter to share videos from the

the concert, expressing their concern for Post Malone.

Check Out The Tweets Below:

Post Malone made a few more die hard fans when he fell through a hole in the stage cracking 3 ribs. Fans said he came back out on stage after 10 minutes saying he was sorry & hurting so bad he was crying, then someone gave him a beer and he finished the concert.#PostMalone

— ∼Marietta (@MariettaDaviz) September 18, 2022

(Featured Image Credits: Twitter)

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