Carving A Stylish Cut In Menswear

Sartorial dressing for men has changed and blurred the boundaries between workwear and party wear. From slim suits in pastels to casuals and having a go at colors, it’s a ‘look as good as I feel’ mantra. Rare Rabbit, a premium brand, aims to change the way we consume men’s fashion. The modern, uber-stylish collection is for the connoisseur who wants to make that impression to stand out.

Walk into an upmarket retail space, and you’ll see some fabulous collections from House of Rare, for the brand thrives on creating a variety of exuberant, creative designs with clean cuts and crisp aesthetics. It takes a fresh, vibrant look at urban style, standing out in terms of fits and fabrics.

Their ideas and styles are as fresh as the day, as Rare Rabbit is about breaking all the preconceived notions of what a man should and is expected to be, and celebrating that man. Crisp formals meet edgy, cool casuals that leave you wanting more. You can relook at your entire wardrobe here with pieces you can wear every day, thanks to the varied range of products, including shirts in solids and bold prints as well as classic black and white to knitted polos, denims, fine gauge shirts, tailored suits and blazers, hoodies and winter wear, leaving you spoilt for choice. Even the T-shirt gets a fashionable translation, and you get to choose from upgraded basics to T-shirts with edgy, cool graphics. Not to mention their wide range of shoes and accessories makes the brand a one-stop shop for all things style. It is as though the outfit embodies the panache of the wearer, enriching his own life through the style.

Launching its first store in 2015, the brand now stands out with 220 retail points of sales and 70 exclusive stores across 120 cities with an extremely strong online presence. With this feat achieved, Rare Rabbit plans to open 30 new stores every year. The brand’s overwhelming growth is evident in its success.

The concept for the store comes from the designs of art galleries; where the interior highlights the product and the brand extends beyond just clothes. It’s an emotion, addressing someone unique, who’s raring to move ahead of the curve. With Rare Rabbit, every step is an adventure, filled with challenges, ambition, desire, and excitement. This stems from founder Manish Poddar’s own philosophy. The 44-year-old entrepreneur, who’s taken his fashion business into a global name, is behind its rising success. While the brand has captured the market as India’s first premium smart wear company, its growth trajectory is astounding with rising demand for its wide and classy range of clothes.

At the helm is the hands-on, young, and dynamic team forging a path to the top where it’s set to be the most admired men’s fashion brand in India. We quote the brand: “Men are defined by their choices and our clothes are an extension of you. Stand out, be reborn, and let your first impression be the last one you need.” Welcome to the Burrow.

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