EXCLUSIVE! Tassnim Sheikh opens up on Rakhi's unseen side during Toshu's infidelity track: When I read the script, tears started rolling from my eyes, I performed the scene as Tassnim who is a mother of a daughter and not as Rakhi Dave

Tassnim Sheikh’s new avatar in the current track of Star Plus’ Anupamaa has left the viewers surprised. The actress opens up on the same. 

MUMBAI: Tassnim Sheikh is ruling several hearts with her stellar performance in Star Plus’ popular running show Anupamaa. 

The talented diva is portraying the character of Rakhi Dave who is Nidhi Shah aka Kinjal’s mom. 

Well, the viewers have seen a lot of different shades of Rakhi in the show which has taken everyone by surprise.

However, the recent track of the show where Toshu’s infidelity was exposed in front of everyone by Anupamaa saw a different side of Rakhi which was totally unexpected. 

Although Rakhi had warned Toshu to mend his ways she did not want to disclose this harsh truth to her daughter. 

Anupamaa took a stand for Kinjal and later, Rakhi also realized that it was right for Toshu to get exposed. 

Well, this track has been quite interesting and there is a lot more for the viewers to see. 

TellyChakkar got in touch with Tassnim who spoke about the same and what new the viewers can expect from Rakhi’s character. 

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What was your reaction when you were narrated this track?

Honestly, my reaction was like ‘Oh wow, nice’. This is the other side of Rakhi Dave as a mother. Till now, the viewers have seen the straightforward and practical side of Rakhi. But during this track, even though she might be right or wrong, but it was her motherly side that was shown. The viewers got to see a motherly side of Rakhi Dave in this track. 

When I read the script, tears started rolling out of my eyes. Also, when I performed the scene, it was not Rakhi Dave, it was Tassnim who is a mother of a daughter. I took this scene so personally that I did not need to take glycerine. I did all the scenes with my heart and soul. 

What kind of reactions did you get on social media for this track?

There were mixed reactions from fans on social media. I was flooded with messages. Some fans said that Rakhi shouldn’t spare Toshu. But in my opinion, Rakhi Dave as a mother had to leave Toshu with a warning. The creative team has beautifully written my character. I hope I did justice to it. 

Kinjal is really unhappy with Rakhi for hiding such a big truth. Crack has developed between the mother-daughter. How will Kinjal and Rakhi’s equation change in the future track?

Honestly, we are working on this particular thing right now. Rakhi Dave is a caring and possessive mother. But her love and care are like a modern and career-oriented woman. She is not shown as a cliched mother. Rakhi is extremely practical. Rakhi felt that Kinjal’s life has just started with a new phase. I am sure many mothers would be able to relate to what I did on the show. It was not the right situation to inform Kinjal about Toshu’s deeds. However, Rakhi knew that she would keep very good control of Toshu even if she would have hidden this truth from Kinjal. But Anupamaa exposed Toshu at a very wrong time and the situation escalated. 

Differences developed between Kinjal and Rakhi and she is more inclined towards Anupamaa because she finds comfort in her. But that is fine. 

Well, a lot of new dhamaka and drama awaits in the Shah house and Anupamaa’s life. 

How excited are you about it? Tell us in the comments. 

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for all the latest updates. 

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