‘I Have Never Had a Job in My Life’: Woman Catches Man Lying in Middle of Cringeworthy Job Interview

When you have important conversations in public, you always run the risk of people overhearing what you have to say.

Such was the case for one TikToker who is now going viral after sharing her story of eavesdropping on someone’s job interview while in a local Starbucks.

TikToker Brittany Lima said she noticed the man across from her was on a Zoom job interview for what she presumed to be a managerial position and things got weird when the interviewer asked the man how many people he managed in his previous job, and he gave a very specific answer of 352.

She then said that the interviewee told the man that he couldn’t find out anything about his previous company and that it didn’t show up when he Googled it — and that’s when the man told the interviewer that he lied and that his prior job and company did not exist.

Then it got worse.

@_brittanylima Sometimes its worth not going through the drive thru

“He goes, ‘Look, I have never had a job in my life,'” Lima told viewers. “‘My girlfriend is on her third pregnancy and she says if I do not get a job, she’s about to kick me out. Please. Let’s continue this interview and I promise like, I will be the best employee ever.'”

Lima said then that the interviewer decided to let him continue the interview and asked him if he was lying about where he went to college when the man slammed his laptop shut and left the coffee chain.

Talk about a mic drop!

Commenters were losing their minds over the man’s antics.

“I only wish I had that level of confidence,” one user joked.

“It’s the fact that he didn’t even try to be honest he just gave up,” another pointed out.

Others lamented that perhaps the man was taking the interview in Starbucks because he didn’t have working Wi-Fi in his home, which made many feel bad for him.

Lima’s video has since racked up over 2.8 million views.

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