Which dreams mean money is coming to you?

We all dream. But as soon as we wake up, most of our dreams disappear. Yet, there are times we remember some dreams vividly. We are left perplexed, what does my dream mean?

There are so many messages we receive through dreams. Our subconscious mind, which is a much bigger part than our conscious mind, sends us messages through dreams. Sometimes, dreams can be in the forms of premonitions, warnings, glad tidings, or nightmares. Each type of dream carries a message. Such as what are your fears, desires, and what’s going to happen next.

I’ve been studying dream meanings for over a decade and there are some very common dream indicators that means you will receive money. Your subconscious holds all the answers within you.

Isn’t it wonderful to have such an in-built compass? Rather than going to someone and asking about your own life, especially about the things you are worried about, and one of the biggest worries is usually about money.

Most of our life is about earning a livelihood and receiving money. Isn’t it wonderful to dream about money? But dreams about actual money doesn’t mean you will receive money.

Most times what you dream doesn’t mean the actual thing. Except for dreams of revelations. Which are dreams that comes true as you dreamt it. Such as dreaming of meeting someone and then meeting them in actual life soon after. Or seeing a place in your dream and then actually visiting it.

Dreams about actual money could be a dream of desire. You wanting more money and hence dreaming of money. Whether you will actually receive money depends on your toil, your hard work and perhaps sometimes luck.

Seeing a rainbow in a dream signifies luck. Symbolizing that all things are possible, after rain there is a rainbow. It is a magical sign.

Dreaming of a fresh fish means receiving lump sum money. The bigger the fish, the bigger the lump sum amount. A fresh fish can signify receiving a one-off payment.

Fishermen used to test whether they caught a poisonous fish by doing a coin test. By inserting a coin into the mouth of a fish. If the silver coin turned green, it meant the fish was poisonous. Similarly, seeing a rotten fish in a dream is not a good sign. It could mean money from bad sources, illegal money, or just bad news.

Back to seeing money dreams, if you dream of coins, this means time. You will be tested with time, or you are being told by your subconscious mind to be patient. In time, you shall receive what you are seeking!

Not all types of money that you receive is positive. If money was received from illegal sources, or has bad blood in them, then such money won’t last or have blessings.

Seeing cooked fish means sustainable income coming through. Especially being served cooked fish on a plate, means work or money earning opportunities is coming to you.

Seeing many pieces of crumbed or battered cooked fish in a bowl or platter being served to you symbolizes multiple sources of income.

Fish curry in a pot, could mean brewing work opportunities. Such dreams can foretell opportunities and valuable sources of income flowing through your life.

Dirt is now another interesting aspect of money. However, not all types of dirt you see symbolizes money. For example, toiling, such as cleaning a street, or cutting through dirt, could mean that through your hard work, you are going to receive money. Your dream is trying to tell you, to be patient, and your hard work will be rewarded.

But then seeing mud or dirt inside your house is not a positive meaning of your dream. This could mean dirty money, or some dirty work to be done. This type of dream doesn’t indicate that you’ll receive money necessarily, but that there are certain blocks that needs to be removed from your life.

After distress there is also relieve. Seeing yourself in the toilet, indicates stress or some form of turmoil in your life. Reader warning, if you see stool, which can be rather disturbing, can also mean lump sums. Which can also mean receiving sums of money. After a stressful period, there shall be relief.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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