Russia Ukraine War News Live Updates: Admission of Ukraine to NATO can lead to third world war, says Russian official

A woman stands near her destroyed car near an old mill, built around 1885, also destroyed during a Russian missile attack in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Oct. 14, 2022. (Reuters)

Russia-Ukraine War News  highlights: The Kerch bridge, a vital link between the annexed Crimean peninsula and southern Russia, which was damaged in a massive explosion last week, won’t be repaired until next summer, a document published on the Russian government’s website said, as per agency reports.

Meanwhile, billionaire Elon Musk said on Friday his rocket company SpaceX cannot indefinitely fund its Starlink internet service in Ukraine, which has helped the country’s civilians and military stay online during the war with Russia. Musk’s comment on Twitter came after a media report that SpaceX had asked the Pentagon to pay for the donations of Starlink. Last week, Musk was involved in an online fight with Ukrainian officials over a peace plan he put forward which Ukraine said is too generous to Russia.

The Biden administration will send Ukraine a new $725 million package of weapons and other military assistance, the White House said, as the US added to a flurry of aid announcements from European allies this week. Saudi Arabia will provide $400 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Saudi state news agency SPA said, adding that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made a phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday.

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Russia Ukraine War News Live Updates: US sending $725 million more in military aid to Ukraine; Saudi announces $400 million humanitarian aid. Follow this space for the latest updates on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Kyiv residents add basements to regular life

As Kyiv residents scrambled for refuge in shelters and basements on Tuesday morning — where they lingered for hours bracing for an attack that never came — many said they were clinging to a fragile sense of normalcy, even as life moved underground.

File photo of a teacher visits a basement beneath a school in Kyiv, prepared as a shelter and classroom in the weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine. (Lynsey Addario/The New York Times)

Kateryna Druzenko, 30, took shelter in a cafe in the basement of a hotel in Kyiv on Tuesday after the siren rang out. She said she went to the cafe to shelter with friends, a day after a barrage of missiles left at least five people dead in the center of the city. Fourteen more people were killed elsewhere in the country.

“Unfortunately, we’re getting used to what’s happening around us,” she said. “And when you’re among close people it’s much easier to go through this.”

For months, many in the capital had chosen not to seek shelter when the sirens rang out. But after Monday’s assault, many took the warnings seriously, even as they expressed strong feelings of defiance. “This time there wasn’t that a particular fear,” Druzenko added. “You feel anger.”

Residents of Kyiv, buffeted by months of war, were prepared, having taken similar precautions in the early days of the conflict. At the same time, some cafes, hotels and shops have become accustomed to opening their basements to people seeking safety. (Read more)

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