WDSF 2022 European Breaking Championships: B-girl India and b-boy Dany Dann claim European titles

B-girl India bested b-girl Anti to win the continental crown while France’s b-boy Dany Dann beat British hope b-boy Kid Karam in front of a packed out crowd in Manchester. 

B-girl India of the Netherlands and French b-boy Dany Dann have been crowned champions after winning the WDSF 2022 European Breaking Championships in Manchester, England on Sunday (6 November).

A rising star of the Dutch team, 16-year-old India defeated Italy’s b-girl Anti 3-0 in the best of three final to emphatically confirm her place among the best.

India’s victory over Anti seals an impressive weekend for the young breaker. She begun by dispatching top French b-girl Senorita Carlota to claim her place in the Top 16, before then going on to win her group in the round robin dropping just one battle on her way to the quarter-finals.

Anti, who finished as the highest-placed European b-girl at the WDSF 2022 World Breaking Championships in Seoul, Republic of Korea, will leave England with silver, while Portugal’s b-girl Vanessa claimed bronze by defeating up-and-coming b-girl Nadia of Lithuania.

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Dany Dann brought his very best showmanship to guarantee a 3-0 victory over Great Britain’s b-boy Kid Karam in a thrilling three-round final battle.

Both b-boys flexed their musicality, goading each other as the battle unfolded, but it was ultimately the Frenchman who did the most to impress the nine judges on the night.

Dany’s route to the gold saw him well-tested, underlining the quality he presented across weekend. The French breaker saw off b-boy Xak of Spain in a blockbuster Top 32 battle before then going on to finish top his group in the round robin.

In the Top 8 he won over Ukraine’s b-boy Kuzya, who finished fourth at worlds before booking his passage to the final with a victory over b-boy Daniel of Norway.

Rounding off the podium in Manchester was Poland’s b-boy Wigor who defeated Daniel for the bronze-medal prize.

Breaking: the road to Paris 2024

As well as the breakers earning points towards their Breaking for Gold Olympic rankings which will come into play when the Olympic Qualifier Series begins, the top four finishers in Manchester all secured a place at the 2023 European Games in Krakow, Poland which will be a direct qualifier for the Paris 2024.

Breaking will make its Olympic debut at Paris with two gold medal events.

32 breakers, 16 b-boys and 16 b-girls will battle it out for glory on the iconic Place de la Concorde with the competition due to run 8-9 August 2024.

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