“Little Old Fashioned”: Sanjay Manjrekar Names His Pick For All-Time Greatest ODI Batsman

Sanjay Manjrekar named his pick for the greatest ODI player© Twitter

Former Indian cricket team batsman Sanjay Manjrekar was asked whether Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli can be considered “The Greatest Cricketer of All Time” but he had a completely different answer. Manjrekar said that both cricketers have been excellent in their respective time periods but his pick for the greatest cricketer ever was the West Indies great Viv Richards. The former India batsman explained that his numbers in ODIs and Tests are ‘earth shattering’ and it makes him a massive name in cricket.

“When you look at the modern era, in the last 20 years or so, Virat Kohli is right up there. Tendulkar also one of the time all-time greats. Virat Kohli, in my book just fits in as a pure one-day player. MS Dhoni is another player that comes to my mind,” Manjrekar told Star Sports.

“But, all-time one-day batter, there is nobody who can get close to Sir Vivian Richards. Now this might seem a little old-fashioned,” he added.

Manjrekar also explained that the dominance shown by Richards during his playing days was quite unique for world cricket and the difference was huge when it comes to his other contemporaries.

“Viv Richards played from 70s to 90s in a time when all top-class batters, people like Gordon Greenidge averaged about 30 and strike rate in the 60s. Viv Richards, from 70s to 90s, including a World Cup final hundred, averaged 47 and a strike rate of 90. The second-best in his era was second-best by a long way.”

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