Fact Check: This video of military vehicle running over crowd of protestors is old and not from Peru

A shocking video is making the rounds of social media featuring a military vehicle running over a huge crowd of people on a road.

New Delhi ,UPDATED: Jan 23, 2023 22:40 IST

The video is neither recent nor does it have any links to the unrest in Peru.

By Fact Check Bureau: One of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu, shut down temporarily for tourists on January 22 as the anti-government protests engulfing Peru aggravated. More than four hundred tourists were reportedly transferred to Cusco, who were stuck there amid violent protests for hours.

The protests began last month after then-President Pedro Castillo, Peru’s first leader with a rural Andean background, was impeached and imprisoned for trying to dissolve Congress. Protestors are now demanding the resignation of Dina Boluarte, the former vice president who was sworn into office on December 7, 2022, to replace Castillo as the President, and fresh elections.

Amid this, a shocking video is making the rounds of social media featuring a military vehicle running over a huge crowd of people on a road. Those sharing it claimed that the video was from the ongoing protests in the South American country. A Twitter user shared the video writing: “Very shocking things are happening in Peru. The protest movement is suppressed in this way.” Archives of such posts can be found here and here.

AFWA found that this video is neither recent nor does it have any links to the unrest in Peru.


A reverse search of the keyframes from the viral video led us to a 2019 news report written in Ukrainian. It carried a screengrab from the viral video, suggesting that it is an old video and not from the recent protests in Peru. The report stated that the United States has announced its support for the Venezuelan opposition and the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in “Operation Freedom” against the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Using this clue, we found an extended version of this video shared on April 30, 2019, on the YouTube channel of Global News. The video description stated that it shows military vehicles running over pro-Juan Guidao protestors outside La Carlota military base in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Also, we found that the viral video was taken from the YouTube channel of Noticias RCN, a news channel based in Colombia, which also reported the incident back in 2019.

According to Reuters, on April 30, 2019, a Venezuelan National Guard vehicle cracked down on protesters who were throwing stones and damaging vehicles after the opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a military uprising to oust President Nicolas Maduro. Gunshots were also reportedly heard at the rally. The United Nations urged both sides use “maximum restrain” to avoid any violence and take immediate steps to restore calm.

Following this incident, then US President Trump threatened to impose a blockade of Cuba at the time, asking Cubans to cease military operations in Venezuela. The White House had also shared this video calling out the Maduro regime at the time.

While the turmoil in Peru has so far reportedly claimed close to 50 lives, this video of a military vehicle running over protestors has no links to the ongoing Peru protests.

(Written by Sanjana Saxena)

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Jan 23, 2023

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