Ask The Expert: Gursi Singh & Amrita Khanna

Fashion and style conundrums, deciphered and explained, by designers Gursi Singh & Amrita Khanna

This year, I wish to experiment with shiny fabrics and embellishments. Where should I start?

Lately, I am really into oversized silk and satin shirts. Be it block silk shirts with top stitch detailing, printed satin shirts, or tie and dye silk shirts. Embellishments are really in, but I haven’t warmed up to it yet.

I want to include more rhinestone accessories without doing overboard. What are the ways to do it?

I would suggest fun chunky rhinestone rings, preferably thrifted. It makes one look more effortlessly stylish, and very interesting.

For weddings, what trends should attendees and guests opt for?

Weddings are no more about fitted tailored three-piece suits. Men are now happy to experiment with sneakers, fun T-shirts, layering, and shapes. My personal choice would be a relaxed or oversized tailored jacket, with long straight trousers paired with some fun shoes.

For parties, I wish to go casual yet make a statement. What should I go for?

Casual, effortless dressing has always been my style. For year-end parties, I would recommend printed satin shirts, tucked in tailored chinos or neon overshirts, could be embellished. Also, accessories are a must for menswear, it’s fun to throw a leather cross-body bag on your looks to make it casual, yet stylish.

What are some good, minimal party outfit ideas for the season?

For a minimal look, go for co-ordinated sets or block colours, or just simply pair a formal tailored jacket with a pair of thrifted denims and chunky leather boots.

In what ways can one include the ‘less in more’ mantra in daily routine?

Find style in simplicity. An effortless simple style looks much more refined than an over-styled look. My mantra for ‘less is more’ would be pairing same colours together and curating a minimalist but timeless wardrobe.

I’m looking to invest in some winter footwear for the season, perhaps with weddings in mind. What should I go for?

That was my objective this festive season. I went for a pair of chunky leather Doctor Martens. You can easily dress them up or dress them down, and look quite effortless and confident.

I wish to experiment with sheer, but I’m not sure where to begin since it’s new to menswear. What do you suggest?

Yes, sheer is new to menswear, and it’s quite interesting to see many men trying their hands on it in various ways. I would go for a mesh knitted or a crocheted oversized shirt in cotton. It looks quite contemporary, without looking ostentatious.

What are some of accessories men should invest in?

Accessories are the new thing for men. I think men have started spending more on accessories than they used to. I would recommend investing into bags, belts, and minimal jewellery.

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